Tahir & Zühre


A Turkish Musical

The epic tale of “Tahir & Zühre”, the legendary love story of the Sultan's daughter and the Vizier's son during the age of Anatolian Seljuks (Sultanate of Rum), has been narrated by the minstrels since the 15th century.

Tahir and Zühre grew up together, thinking they were siblings, until the age of puberty when they found out they were not related and madly fell in love. Tahir and Zühre's relationship was faced with the mind-boggling obstacles created by Hatun, Zühre's mother, who is totally against this relationship.

The tale, which drags on with betrayal, banishment, imprisonment and culminates in a tragedy, is indeed a Turkish “Romeo and Juliet”. The musical of “Tahir and Zühre” is based on this tale and is the first musical in Turkey which is completely scripted and composed in Broadway / West End format.

Promotional Concert
Zorlu Performing Arts Center, İstanbul
December 19, 2017  @ 20:30